Solid, self-edging and precision engineered.

Pwinty foamex

Foamex offers a subtle twist on standard foam substrates. The material is completely solid, providing an incredibly sturdy and robust surface.

Perfect for displays and exhibitions, each foamex print comprises a 12-colour giclée print mounted onto 10mm thick PVC board. Foamex prints are available on a black or white board; effectively ‘self edging’ and thus requiring no additional hand-finishing.

Each print comes ready to hang using a special subframe hanging system, floating your artwork 15mm from the wall.

  • Solid, rigid foam board
  • Professional, high-quality finish
  • Bow and warp resistant
  • Delivered ready for hanging
  • A choice of matt, gloss or satin laminate finishes

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Available sizes

Minimum 250 x 200mm 10 x 8"
Maximum 1120 x 820mm 44 x 32"

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