We're always happy to answer any questions you might have.

What is Pwinty?

Pwinty is an API platform providing direct access to a global network of on-demand manufacturing partners.

We offer a vast range of personalised products including prints, t-shirts, framed pictures and photo books which are made-to-order using the world’s leading manufacturers and drop-shipped directly to the end-consumer.

From sourcing to fulfilment, Pwinty simplifies your logistics and maximises your profits.

How does Pwinty work?

Pwinty uses software to abstract the complexities associated with building and operating a global manufacturing network.

We’ve sourced a diverse range of print on demand products — manufactured by the world’s best labs — and integrated our software with their complex production and fulfilment systems.

This gives you access to an almost limitless range of products; lower prices through aggregated demand; reduced shipping costs by localised manufacturing.

Ready to start ordering? Get in touch, or create an account.

What products do you offer?

We have a vast range of products that continues to increase every day.

Product groups cover everything from fine art prints, photographic prints, c-type silver halide, wall art, canvas, photo books, apparel, phone cases, stationery, acrylic, metal prints, merchandise, homewares, mugs, towels, bags and cushions as well as stickers all manner of mounted prints and 3D options.

We adding new products to the database almost everyday and there are many options that aren’t publicly available in the main catalogue.

If you ever need something sourced, just ask and we'll add it.

Where are you based?

We’re based in the UK with offices in Cardiff, Farnham and Harrogate. We also have production facilities in the UK and Netherlands where we manufacture our own products.

We have global fulfilment coverage with partner labs located across most of the world including mainland Europe, USA, China, Canada, India, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Brazil as well as many additional locations.

Where can you ship to?

Anywhere in the world! We have global fulfilment coverage and there’s nowhere we aren’t able to send orders.

Is your service completely white-label?

Absolutely. There are no references to Pwinty, Prodigi or any of our partner labs on anything your customers will receive. The packaging does not contain our branding or logos anywhere.

You retain complete control and ownership over the order process.

How are your products packaged for shipping?

All prints are robustly packaged.

Although there are minor differences between individual labs packaging standards, the following typical approach is consistent.

Photographic prints are flat-packed in individual, white-label packets.

Our unframed fine art prints are hand rolled in protective tissue paper and then shipped in extra thick cardboard tubes.

All framed and canvas prints are wrapped in a protective sleeve with individual plastic or cardboard guards added to each corner. Additional cardboard is secured over the print surface to minimise the risk of breakages or transit damage. Each print is then shipped in a heavy duty cardboard box.

The packaging standards have been refined many times, over many years and it is now extremely rare for breakages or damage to occur. On those rare occasions when incidents do happen we strive to ensure that your collection and replacement are organised immediately and shipped back out on a priority service without any fuss.

What are average production and delivery times?

Each product has its own service level agreement (SLA) with the manufacturing facility producing it. The vast majority of products are produced within 24–48 hours. Indeed, many photo print orders leave same day if received before midday.

However, more complex products such as handmade framed prints and canvases can occasionally take up to 7 days to make. Each product has an indicative SLA associated with it in terms of hours and pwinty sends multiple production status updates — keeping you fully informed — as your orders work through each individual lab.

How do I order samples?

The best way to order samples is to create an account and use the online order form.

What’s the easiest way to integrate with the platform?

If you are a non-technical user then the online order form is the easiest way to integrate. This is available to anyone who create an account.

Using the online order form gives you direct access to the Pwinty platform, allowing you to order any products and have them manufactured with any of our labs around the world.

We are also working on a number of platform integrations with Shopify and WooCommerce that will enable you to order directly from your ecommerce store. Get in touch to learn more.

If you are are developer or have access to a developer then the best option for integrating your website or app is by directly connecting to the API.

Can I send my users through my own checkout?

Yes. Send them through your own checkout process. Call into Pwinty to create and submit the order. We’ll then bill you for it as part of our monthly invoice.

Can you handle checkout for me?

If you want us to handle checkout for your users get in touch, and we’ll see what we can do.

How does invoicing work?

Most clients have a saved credit card associated with their account and get charged monthly in arrears.

Enterprise scale clients may have traditional 30-day payment terms.

What happens with damaged or lost orders?

We will replace all lost or damaged orders for free of charge. You never need to worry that your customers will be kept waiting.

On those rare occasions when damage does occur we strive to ensure that your collection and replacement are organised immediately and shipped back out on a priority service without any fuss.