Supported image formats

We currently support the following file types:

  • PNG (if your artwork has any transparency, this file type will preserve it)
  • GIF

If your preferred image format is not listed, please contact us.

Recommended image dimensions

The tables below outline our recommended image dimensions for each of our product sizes, split between paper and canvases. For the best results, we recommend ensuring that your artwork is between the minimum and maximum values below. The printed quality may start to suffer if you drop too far below our suggested minimum, but we’ll automatically notify you if we think there could be an issue with the quality.

Paper (Prints & Framed)

Product dimensions (inches) Suggested minimum (pixels, at 150dpi) Suggested maximum (pixels, at 300dpi)
4x6 600x900 1200x1800
5.8x8.3 (A5) 870x1245 1740x2490
6x8 900x1200 1800x2400
6x6 900x900 1800x1800
8x12 1200x1800 2400x3600
8x8 1200x1200 2400x2400
8x10 1200x1500 2400x3000
8.3x11.7 (A4) 1245x1755 2490x3510
10x10 1500x1500 3000x3000
10x20 1500x3000 3000x6000
11x14 1650x2100 3300x4200
11.7x16.5 (A3) 1755x2475 3510x4950
12x12 1800x1800 3600x3600
12x16 1800x2400 3600x4800
12x18 1800x2700 3600x5400
16x16 2400x2400 4800x4800
16x20 2400x3000 4800x6000
16x24 2400x3600 4800x7200
16x32 2400x4800 4800x9600
16.5x23.5 (A2) 2475x3525 4950x7050
18x24 2700x3600 5400x7200
20x20 3000x3000 6000x6000
20x28 3000x4200 6000x8400
20x30 3000x4500 6000x9000
20x40 3000x6000 6000x12000
23.4x33.1 (A1) 3510x4965 7020x9930
24x24 3600x3600 7200x7200
24x32 3600x4800 7200x9600
24x36 3600x5400 7200x10800
28x28 4200x4200 8400x8400
28x40 4200x6000 8400x12000
30x40 4500x6000 9000x12000
30x30 4500x4500 9000x9000
30x60 4500x9000 9000x18000
32x32 4800x4800 9600x9600
33.1x46.8 (A0) 4965x7020 9930x14040
36x36 5400x5400 10800x10800
40x40 6000x6000 12000x12000
40x48 6000x7200 12000x14400
40x60 6000x9000 12000x18000


Product dimensions (inches) Suggested minimum (pixels, at 72dpi) Suggested maximum (pixels, at 150dpi)
8x10 576x720 1200x1500
8x12 576x864 1200x1800
10x12 720x864 1500x1800
12x12 864x864 1800x1800
12x16 864x1152 1800x2400
12x18 864x1296 1800x2700
12x24 864x1728 1800x3600
16x16 1152x1152 2400x2400
16x20 1152x1440 2400x3000
16x24 1152x1728 2400x3600
18x24 1296x1728 2700x3600
20x20 1440x1440 3000x3000
20x24 1440x1728 3000x3600
20x28 1440x2016 3000x4200
20x30 1440x2160 3000x4500
24x24 1728x1728 3600x3600
24x32 1728x2304 3600x4800
24x36 1728x2592 3600x5400
28x28 2016x2016 4200x4200
28x40 2016x2880 4200x6000
30x40 2160x2880 4500x6000
32x32 2304x2304 4800x4800

Bleed Areas

A bleed area is the part of your image that is outside of the actual product size and is therefore typically not visible on the finished product. They ensure that your artwork is printed edge to edge, with no unexpected borders visible where they shouldn't be.

Where we require a bleed area, it will be highlighted with a dotted line when you create your products and edit your artwork. We recommend ensuring that these areas don’t include any key parts of your artwork - where your design reaches right to the edge, consider uploading a version with an extended background, to ensure your entire image is captured and printed in full.

In addition, for image-wrap canvases, approximately 40mm from each side of your artwork is wrapped onto the edges of the canvas, so please ensure that no important parts of your artwork are within this area.

Colour Profiles

We have ICC profiles available for all of our paper and canvas products, available to download here. Using these profiles will ensure that the colour space is as accurate as possible, matching your original artwork with excellent reproduction and consistency.