For any other questions, just get in touch and we’ll be glad to answer them for you.

Please also refer to our image requirement information and product FAQs.

Can I order sample products?

We’re confident that you and your customers will love our products, but you’re more than welcome to place orders for yourself either through your Shopify store or via your Pwinty account.

In addition, we offer a sample pack of the different papers and finishes in our current Shopify range. You can order this sample pack free of charge.

How often am I charged?

We charge you on a per-order basis as each order is placed.

I’d like to sell a particular product. When will it be available?

Expanding the app's product range is one of our core aims in the coming months. We intend to add greetings cards, mugs, posters and cushions to our Shopify app by the time we launch in the Shopify App Store.

As a company, we sell a huge range of products, all of which can be ordered manually through your Pwinty account.

If there are additional products that you’d love to see, please let us know.

Are my customers automatically alerted when their item ships?

Yes. We let Shopify know of any update to your orders, including when an item ships, so your standard Shopify customer notification emails will be sent. We’ll also pass on any relevant shipment tracking information if available.

Shopify asks me for a shipping origin address, what should I put?

We recommend that you set your shipping origin in Shopify to your company address. Due to our worldwide fulfilment model, there's no guarantee from where items will ultimately ship — we use a range of factors to decide the cheapest and fastest option for each order.

When will the app be available in the Shopify store?

We intend to launch the app publicly on the Shopify App Store by October 2019.