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Photo resizing

Images you upload may not fit the photo size you specify exactly. Here we discuss how Pwinty (and you) can deal with that

When you make a call to /Photos (POST) you can specify a sizing parameter. This has three possible values


The image you upload will be cropped until it exactly fits the aspect ratio (height divided by width) of the type (e.g. 3.5x5) you have specified


The image you upload will be shrunk until all the image fits on the photo. This can lead to white bars at the edge of the photo (think a widescreen movie on an old 4:3 tv)


The image you upload will be resized until all of the image exactly fits all of the photo. This means that if the aspect ratio of the image and the photo do not match, the image will be stretched or squashed to fit the photo size


Pwinty will automatically try to rotate your images so that they need the least possible resizing to fit the photo size. For example, if you are creating a 10x15 photo, and upload an image that is 4500px x 3000px , then we'll flip it round so it is 3000px x 4500px and thus fits the photo perfectly