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Placing your first order

Its really easy to get up and running with Pwinty. Follow our step by step guide below.

1. Create an order

Make a POST call to /Orders . Get back the order id, which you will need for adding photos to the order. If you don't have the address don't worry- create the order without the address parameters, and update it later in the process

   curl https://sandbox.pwinty.com/v2.3/Orders \
   -H "X-Pwinty-MerchantId: YourMerchantId" \
   -H "X-Pwinty-REST-API-Key: YourAPIKey" \
   -d countryCode=GB \
   -d qualityLevel=Pro \
   -d recipientName=Mr%20Jones \
   -d address1=The%20Hollies \
   -d addressTownOrCity=Cardiff \
   -d stateOrCounty=Glamorgan \
   -d postalOrZipCode=CF11%201AX \

2. Add a photo to the order

Make POST calls to v2.3/Orders/{orderId}/Photos . Either give us a URL to find the photo, or send it as part of the POST

    curl https://sandbox.pwinty.com/v2.3/Orders/1065/Photos \
    -H "X-Pwinty-MerchantId: YourMerchantId" \
    -H "X-Pwinty-REST-API-Key: YourAPIKey" \
    -d type=8x12 \
    -d url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.testserver.com%2Faphoto.jpg \
    -d md5Hash="79054025255fb1a26e4bc422aef54eb4"
    -d copies=2 \
    -d sizing=Crop

3. Check the order is valid

Make a GET call to /Orders/SubmissionStatus to check the order is valid and ready to be submitted

    curl https://sandbox.pwinty.com/v2.3/Orders/1065/SubmissionStatus
    -H "X-Pwinty-MerchantId: YourMerchantId" \
    -H "X-Pwinty-REST-API-Key: YourAPIKey" \

4. Submit the order

Make a POST call to /Orders/{orderId}/Status to set the Status to "Submitted"

    curl https://sandbox.pwinty.com/v2.3/Orders/6961/Status
    -H "X-Pwinty-MerchantId: YourMerchantId" \
    -H "X-Pwinty-REST-API-Key: YourAPIKey" \ 
    -d status=Submitted