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Pwinty can make callbacks to a custom URL whenever the status of one of your orders changes

Setup your callback URL under the My Details section of the Dashboard

Pwinty will make an HTTP POST to your chosen URL with the following parameters

Parameter Description Data type
orderId The id of the order integer
environment The environment the callback originates from (either 'LIVE' or 'SANDBOX') string
timestamp The time the change took place DateTime
eventId The type of event being notified. One of orderStatusChanged or itemsShipped string

For orderStatusChanged events, the new order status- can be NotYetSubmitted, AwaitingPayment, PaidAwaitingImageUpload, Submitted, Complete or Cancelled

(API v2.3 and above)
For itemsShipped events, this will contain the shipmentId relating to the shipment in the Order Get By Id response



Pwinty will continue to try and make the callback until it receives an OK (200) Status code response from your server, or until the callback has failed 15 times. The time between each callback retry attempt will increase each time there is a failure.